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The happiest people in the world are those who feel absolutely terrific about themselves, and this is the natural outgrowth of accepting total responsibility for every part of their life. The happiest people seem to be those who have no particular cause for being happy except that they are so. And it's all that matters. Smile. Enjoy life. Be happy! :)
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Hindi dahil lingguhan kang nagsisimba ay isa ka nang mabuting tao.

What extroverts say and introverts say? :)

A very good read. 

A good article where you will learn and realize the real meaning of love and marriage. 

Paradoxically, the more you truly love that person, the more love you receive. And not just from your significant other, but from their friends and their family and thousands of others you never would have met had your love remained self-centred.

Truly, love and marriage isn’t for you. It’s for others.


It’s time to care less. Yep, that’s right. Sometimes we take the world on our shoulders, and instead of making the world a better place, all we end up doing is creating more stress for ourselves. Here are simple tips to ease that heavy mental load and feel more carefree.

1. What others think

Dance to your own beat. Act dumb. Do whatever you have to but don’t take on board what others think. It’s your life, your decisions and choices. Others love to judge, and why should you care if they do? Only you define yourself, so let them be amused if it makes them happy. When you care too much about that others will say, you live your life for them and not yourself.

2. Past mistakes

We all make mistakes and mess up in life. That’s just how life goes. Don’t be hard on yourself, though. Accept that everyone gets it wrong sometimes; it’s part of the human condition. You really are allowed to cut yourself some slack. Learn to forgive yourself more often.

3. Failure

The big “F” word that everyone fears. It doesn’t have to be a scary concept, though. Ultimately, it depends on your attitude to failure. If you see failure as not being perfect, you’re going to be permanently miserable. A more realistic idea of failure is giving up. If you haven’t given up, you haven’t failed. See failure as a learning curve, a trial and error process. See failure as your friend – it’s no big deal unless you allow it to be.

4. What you don’t have

The human default position tends to err on the side of lack rather than abundance, which is not conducive to feeling carefree. We focus on what we don’t have and end up feeling thoroughly deprived. What’s the point of that? I often tell my clients to focus on the positives of what they have and the negatives of what they don’t have. Why would you want to torture yourself with all the things you don’t have? That type of thinking will not serve you in any productive way at all. Make a list of all the things in your life that you appreciate. There will always be others with more and others with less. What you have is enough.

5. “What Ifs”

We can drive ourselves crazy worrying about what might happen in the future. No one can predict the future (psychics might dispute this), and there is no point in torturing yourself unnecessarily about things that may never come to pass. Remind yourself that this type of worry is wasted energy and distract yourself. Face worry head on – if you can do something in the present moment, go for it. If not, distract yourself and ‘shelve’ the worries.

6. “I’ll be happy when…” thoughts

When we believe that we will be happy once something has happened, we effectively put our life on hold until the event happens. Wishing your current life is away is a precious waste of happy moments in life. Be in the moment more and care less about being happy in the future. Decide to be happy now. Happiness is not a destination, it is a manner of travelling.

7. Regrets

Regret is a part of life. The past cannot be undone, so it pays to look at what you have done in life philosophically. Did you learn something from it? If you learned never to do it again or to try a different approach, then you’ve ended up with a positive result. Accept what has gone before, make allowances for human error and move on.

8. Rejection

Many of us are so afraid of rejection that we stay in our comfort zones and never risk true intimacy. Wear your heart on your sleeve and risk being vulnerable. The more you hide out of fear, the greater the fear will grow. Show yourself that you can express your feelings and live with the consequences. You will conquer fear of rejection in this way and feel more carefree. Even if the outcome is not as expected, you will soon realize that it wasn’t as bad as you anticipated and that you can deal with it. Be a little more thick skinned, be brave and see life as an adventure.

9. Society’s expectations

Be thin, be beautiful. Show off your wealth and status and then you’ll be adored. What nonsense. When you like and accept yourself as you are, you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone. Don’t buy into the constant media images of perfection. Most of the images are airbrushed and lead us to believe that we should all look as perfect. Try not to take it to heart. We all like to see perfect images, but don’t lose sight of the fact that most of it is digitally enhanced and not natural. Love yourself, imperfections and all. Self acceptance is true freedom.

10. Being good enough

It’s easy to feel that we don’t measure up somehow. We live in a competitive world. It’s okay and even healthy to want to improve and grow as a person. It becomes unhealthy, though, when we internalize negative ideas about how we aren’t good enough. Always challenge this type of thinking. What is “good enough”? Where is the international rule book that clarifies what “good enough” is? As long as you feel happy with who you are, where you are and how far you have come, that is all that matters.

We all worry unnecessarily and create inner misery for ourselves. Remember the above ten points, as they are definitely items you can immediately remove from your worry list. Hopefully you’ll feel a little lighter and a little more carefree too!


Admit it: You’ve spent most of your life coloring inside the lines. You constantly justify your lack of action by blaming your responsibilities. Meanwhile, they’re not really in your way, but thinking they are means you don’t have to do anything about it. You’ve also used the word “should” one too many times, i.e. “I want to do X but I should do Y.” You know, even though Y makes you want to drink bleach.

But now you’re totally disgusted with yourself. You’re fed up. You’re bored. You don’t just want to step outside your comfort zone, you want to put in your 90-day notice and move the eff out – and you want to be a total badass and write your notice in pen.

Congratulations. You’ve just had your Scarlett O’Hara moment. You can finally stop living behind your denial. You can finally stop being afraid. You can finally transform your life.

Here are 15 things you should stop being afraid of. Like, stat. Unless, of course, you enjoy wallowing in regret.

1. Being Yourself

This is a lot easier said than done, but it’s the most important thing to stop being afraid of. Otherwise, there’s no point in reading the rest of this article. You should be 100 percent who you really are at all times (like Sheldon Cooper, but charming). Think about everyone you admire and why you admire them: It’s not because they’re perfect or because they please others. That’s not why people will admire you either, but first you have to let them see the real you.

2. Standing Up for Yourself (or Others)

In order to have the life you want, you have to stand up for it. Others are going to resist the changes you’re trying to make because that means in turn their dynamic with you will change. You can stop being afraid of this by creating boundaries, stating your case, and not backing down. Tell them to take it or leave it. Trust me: You’ll feel so much lighter when you do!

3. Being Honest

To stop being afraid of being honest, keep in mind that doing so doesn’t have to equal hurting other people’s feelings. They might be shocked at first (especially if you’re not known for being candid), but you’ll quickly earn their respect.

4. Getting Rejected

Rejection is part of the package no matter what you’re going after. Know it’s not personal: They’re just stating the case for their own career/life goals. If you don’t fit the bill for them, it doesn’t mean you’ll never fit the bill. It just means you have to work a little harder.

5. Being Criticized

If you don’t stop being afraid of criticism, you’re never going to accomplish anything. Ever. There are two different kinds of criticism: Constructive criticism, where someone offers you pointers on how to do better and improve, and pointless criticism from “haters,” where someone picks you apart just because they can. When being criticized always consider the source and discard the information that won’t improve your life. If Miley Cyrus can hack it, so can you.

6. Making Mistakes

Mistakes are mandatory: They’re the only way you’re going to learn, grow and evolve into the person you want to be. I believe it’s called “earning it.”

7. Owning Your Flaws

I’ve always felt that flaws should only apply to inanimate objects. We’re multi-layered and complicated, not flawed. The only way you’re going to stop being afraid and holding yourself back is to accept yourself in your entirety. It’s impossible to suppress certain aspects of yourself and pretend they’re not there. Not only that, but they’re part of your charm. Perfect is boring. Don’t be boring.

8. Going After Something Big

Seriously, what else is there? If anybody tries to poo-poo on what you want for your life, I order you to slap them (especially if they start talking about “responsibilities”).

9. Sucking

As much as we strive to be amazing at everything we do, we should only strive to be amazing at what we care about most. For example, I gave up on my basketball career the first day of gym class. Do what you love amazingly well, admit that you don’t give a rat’s about the rest and stop feeling guilty about it. Besides, you’re going to become so successful you’re going to be able to outsource the foofy stuff anyway, right? (Hint, hint.)

10. Apologizing

You’re human. You’re going to screw up. Stop being afraid to apologize for your mistakes. It’s going to get really boring hiding under that rock all by yourself.

11. Failing

It’s actually easy to stop being afraid of failure since, you know, there’s no such thing. You haven’t given up, have you? You learned a lot, didn’t you? Then you haven’t failed.

12. Succeeding

A weird thing happens as you become successful: You’re so used to struggling along like a drunk person who can’t remember where they live that the better things go, the worse you feel. You end up constantly looking over your shoulder or waiting for an anvil to fall on your head. While I totally understand, what’s there to be afraid of exactly? You’ve succeeded once. If you had to, you’d succeed again. You know you’ve got the goods, so why worry?

13. Letting Go

It’s really hard to let go of the habits that hold you back, especially since 99.99 percent of our everyday habits are automated by our subconscious. During stressful situations especially, we tend to revert back to our oldest and not-so-dearest habits since they make us comfortable – even if they’re self-destructive. If you focus on changing one habit at a time until they’re automated, you’ll have healthy habits to fall back on and will finally stop being afraid to let the bad ones go (because there won’t be any).

14. Taking Risks

There’s only one way to stop being afraid of taking risks, and that’s realizing you should be more afraid of not taking them. Seriously, picture the risk you want to take and bask in how the changes to your life will make you feel. Pretty cool, right? Now picture not taking the risk and everything staying right where you hate it…did Psycho Strings just start playing in the background?

15. Moving On

Okay, so you’ve known Whiny McAlwaysNeedsYou your whole life. So what? So many of us are way too loyal to people who don’t even deserve it. If there are people in your life who bleed you dry of energy, emotion, money, or all three, snap out of it. Please. You can’t see me right now, but I’m begging. One of the biggest things I’ve learned from the train wreck that was my 20s: Nobody is worth your health and well-being. Not one person.

Huwebes ng hapon noon, galing ako sa isang birthday party… pagkatapos tumunga ng dalawang bote ng beer ay nagpaalam na ako…. mukha kasing uulan, ayokong maabutan ng ulan sa daan. Anak ng pitong kamalasan, tumirik ang kotse ko sa daan… no choice kailangan kong bumaba para ayusin ang makina. Sobrang malas talaga at naiwan ko ang gamit ko, nag uumpisa ng pumatak ang ulan… kung bakit kasi hindi agad sinauli ng kumpare ko na nanghiram ang mga gamit ko sa pag-aayos ng kotse. May natanaw akong isang bahay, nagbakasakali akong tumawag… lumabas ang isang matandang lalaki, siguro mga 70 yrs old na…

“ Magandang hapon po, ‘tay, nasiraan po kasi ako eh, di ko po nadala ang gamit ko baka po may lyabe kayo at pliers diyan?” ngumiti sya sa akin, maya maya at bumalik at may bitbit na bag at dalawang payong, iniabot sa akin. Sumama pa sya sa akin sa aking kotse… malaki ang diperensya, mukhang tinamaan nga ako ng napakalaking malas. Inaya ako ng matandang magkape muna sa kanila, medyo malamig nga at basa na rin ako ng ulan kaya sumama ako.

Pagpasok namin ng bahay ay nakita ko na hindi maayos iyon… sabi nya pasensya na daw ako kasi nag-iisa sya. Roman daw ang pangalan nya, dating jeepney driver. Umupo ako sa sala, maalikabok yun… pumunta sa kusina ang matanda siguro magtitimpla ng kape, ayoko na sana kasi iika-ika na sya, hindi na masyadong makalakad pero mapilit si mang Roman. Nakita ko sa dingding ang mga nakakwadrong larawan… siguro family picture nila yun, sa ibaba ay picture ng lalaking nakatoga katabi nito ang isang kwadro rin ng babaeng nakatoga din… siguro mga anak nya. Malinis ang mga kwadro, halatang kapupunas pa lang at parang ayaw maalikabukan man lang.

Tama ako, sabi ni mang Roman anak nga daw nya yun. Inilapag nya ang kape, medyo hindi malinis yung mug pero nakakahiya naman kung tatanggihan ko at isa pa nilalamig na rin ako at malakas ang ulan, gusto ko ring mainitan ang sikmura.

“ kung gusto mo anak… ano nga ba uli pangalan mo? “ tanong nya sa akin, “ Jun po”, sagot ko naman. “ kung gusto mo Jun eh sayo na lang yang mga gamit ko, wala na rin namang gagamit nyan dito… gamit ko dati yan ng driver pa ako ng dyip pero mahina na ako ngayon Jun, di ko na kaya na magdrive pa uli.”

“ naku wag na po, meron po ako may humiram nga lang kaya di ko nadala, asan po mga anak nyo?” tanong ko.

“ Si Danny, Engineer ko yan… may pagmamalaking itinuro ang litrato sa ding-ding… nasa Saudi na ngayon, yan naman babae sa litrato si Juvie yan… nakapag asawa ng taga Davao at doon na nanirahan… yun naman asawa ko limang taon na akong iniwan, nag-iisa na lang ako dito eh… kahit nga mahirap kinakaya ko. Itong bahay na ito kasi ang kaisa-isang ala-ala ko sa aking pamilya, dito ko binuhay ang asawa ko at ang dalawa kong anak. Pinagbili ko na rin yung jeep ko, okay na naman napatapos ko na ang dalawa kong anak at may maganda na silang trabaho, may sarili na rin silang pamilya at bahay, maayos na ang buhay nila”.

“ Hindi po ba sila dumadalaw dito, I mean po… sino pong tumitingin sa iyo dito, mahirap po ang mag-isa lalo na at may edad na kayo?”

“ isang taon na siguro na walang dumadalaw sa akin dito, minsan tumatawag naman sila sa telepono… kahit nga di ko masyado ginagamit yang telepono eh ayaw ko ipaputol ang linya, araw-araw naghihintay ako sa tawag nila… yung kahit boses lang nila masaya na ako, basta maramdaman ko lang na naaalala nila ako. Mababait naman ang mga anak ko, buwan-buwan may natatangap akong pera sa bangko, pero di ko naman ginagalaw… pag-namatay ako kasama yun sa ipapamana ko sa mga apo ko. Yung kapitbahay jan sa kabila, tuwing umaga binibisita nila ako at dinadalhan ng pagkain, nagbibigay na lang ako sa kanila ng konting pera pamalengke”.

“Hindi po ba kayo nahihirapan?”

“ mahirap iho, lalo na pagnakakaramdam ako ng pananakit ng katawan… pero siguro ito ang buhay ko, pag may masakit sa akin iniisip ko na lang na bunga ito ng walang tigil kong pagtratrabaho noon upang mapatapos ko ang mga anak ko tapos mawawala na ang sakit. Yung ala-ala ng masayang buhay namin noon ang gumagamot sa akin, sana nga lang minsan maalala naman nila akong dalawin dito, gustong-gusto ko na rin silang makita lalo na ang mga apo ko. Masarap siguro yung mga araw na kasama ko sila dito, alam mo ba si pareng Kanor diyan sa kabila, hindi nya napag-aral ang mga anak nya kaya hanggang ngayon sa kanya pa rin nakatira… kaya lagi nyang kasama yung mga anak nya at mga apo…. Mahirap yung buhay nila, minsan walang trabaho ang mga anak nya… yun ang ayaw kong mangyari sa mga anak ko, gusto ko maayos ang buhay nila… pero alam mo, Masaya si pareng Kanor, lagi ko syang naririnig na tumatawa kalaro ang mga apo nya… minsan naiingit ako, iniisip ko na lang na mas masaya ang mga apo ko sa buhay nila ngayon”.

“ paano po pag may sakit kayo, sino po ang tumitingin sa inyo?”

“ kapitbahay Jun, sa kanila na rin ako nagpapabili ng gamot… sapanahon na may sakit ako doon ako nakakaisip ng matinding depresyon at pangungulila, sa totoo lang ay nagtatampo ako sa mga anak ko, pagkatapos ko silang mahalin at bigyan ng magandang buhay ay hindi na nila ako naalala na dalawin dito… kahit dalaw lang o tawag sa telepono, yung marinig ko lang na…. o tatay buhay ka pa ba? masaya na ako nun… pero iniisip ko rin na responsibilidad ko na bigyan sila ng magandang buhay at papagtapusin ng pag-aaral at responsibilidad ko rin na maging mabuting ama sa kanila… alam ko hindi na magtatagal at magkakasama na rin kami ng asawa ko, hiling ko lang na sana bago mangyari yun ay makasama ko ang mga anak at apo ko.”

“ ayaw nyo po bang tumira sa kanila?”

“ magiging pabigat lang ako sa kanila, ayaw kong bigyan ng isipin ang ang mga anak ko, dito na lang ako sa lumang bahay namin, bibilangin ang mga patak ng ulan, siguro pagkatapos ng isang libong tag-ulan maalala na rin nila akong dalawin dito. Alam mo bang birthday ko ngayon Jun? kaya matyaga akong naghihintay ng tawag nila. Kung hindi naman sila makatawag iisipin ko na lang na siguro ay busy sila sa kanilang buhay… mahirap kumita ngayon at kailangan nilang magtrabaho ng hindi naabala”.

Napalunok ako saa king mga narinig, naawa ako sa kanya…
“ Ikaw Jun, may magulang ka pa ba?

“ Nanay ko na lang po, nasa Bukidnon kasama ng isa niyang kapatid.”

“ kailan mo sya huling dinalaw?” tanong nya… hindi ako nakapagsalita, huli akong pumunta sa Bukidnon noong pasko… malapit na naman ang pasko hindi pa uli ako nakakapunta doon.

“ sana madalaw mo uli ang iyong magulang Jun, sigurado ako… gustong-gusto ka na nyang makita katulad ng kagustuhan kong makita ang mga anak at apo ko… subukan mo, alam ko magiging maligaya sya”

Tumila na ang ulan, nagpaalam na ako, nagpasalamat… nagpasalamat din sya sa akin, nakita ko sa mga mata nya na talagang sabik sya sa kausap, sabi nya ay magkwentuhan pa kami habang hinihintay ang tawag ng mga anak nya pero dumating na yung hihila sa kotse ko papunta sa talyer. Nangako na lang ako na dadalawin ko sya pag may libreng oras ako.

Dalawang lingo ang dumaan at naisipan ko uling dalawin si mang Roman pero sarado na ang bahay… nagtanong ako sa kapitbahay nila at nalaman ko na namatay na si mang Roman tatlong araw ang nakakalipas, pagkatapos paglamayan ng dalawang araw ay dinala na ng mga anak nya si mang Roman at pina-cremate. Aalis na sana ako pero pinigilan ako ni mang Kanor, iniabot nya sa akin ang isang bag, yun ang bag na pinahiram sa akin ni mang Roman…

“ bilin ni Roman ay ibigay ko raw sa iyo kung sakaling babalik ka, kakailangan mo daw ito sa pagbalik mo sa Bukidnon, baka ka daw masiraan sa daan”.

Hindi ko napigilan ang pagpatak ng luha ko, ramdam na ramdam ko ang pangungulila ni mang Roman sa kanyang mga anak at apo. Nagdesisyon ako, magfifile ako ng leave… uuwi ako sa Bukidnon para dalawin ang nanay ko, tama si mang Roman tiyak matutuwa yun pag nakita ako.

Mensahe ng isang magulang:
Anak.., kung nasaan ka man sana maalala mo ako
Sana dalawin mo ako kahit minsan lang.
Sabik na akong makasama at makausap kang muli.
Kung may pagkukulang man ako… patawad anak,
Gusto kong malaman mo… mahal kita higit sa pagkakaalam mo…

Sa mga anak n katulad ko:
Paki share nalang po para makatulong at maalala nila ang mga magulang nila..

Hug … ? 

It’s always been a good comfort in whatever situation. 

Give your loved ones a hug just so they know how much you care and love them.

Dear Pilipinas,

Ako si Yolanda. Oo ako ang bagyong pumatay sa libo ninyong mga kababayan. Pasensiya na.

Marami ang nagalit sa akin dahil sa naidulot kong lakas ng hangin at pagtaas ng tubig sa kalupaan. Maliban sa buhay ng mga tao, hindi ko pinalampas ang kanilang mga pag-aari at buhay. Ako rin ang magiging dahilan ng paglamig ng inyong pasko at bagong taon. Lamig na hindi lamang dulot ng hangin kundi pati ng ala-alang hindi naisamang inanod pabalik sa dagat.

Ako si Yolanda at pinili ko ang Pilipinas hindi dahil sa kayo ay malakas. Lalong hindi rin ako binayaran ng mga politikong magnanakaw para malihis ang inyong atensiyon sa kanila. Hindi totoong nagbayad sila sa Weather Manipulation Center at nagbayad ng milyong dolyar para manalasa ako sa inyong bansa. Pinili ko kayo sa isang dahilan. Dahilan na tiyak ay hindi pa ninyo mauunawaan sa ngayon.

Gusto kong ipakita sa inyo ang kahalagahan ng pera. Alam niyo ba na sa isang iglap ay nawawala ang halaga ng pera? Oo, walang halaga ang pera. Ang pera ay papel o barya lang na pwedeng mapunit, masunog at mabasa. Abalang-abala ang karamihan sa paghahanap buhay at ang ilan, sa pagnanakaw at panloloko ng kapwa. Hindi ka bubusugin at tatanggalan ng uhaw ng pera mo. Hindi ka isasalba at ililigtas ng pera mo. Ang magliligtas sayo ay ang pakikipagkapwa mo, pagiging handa mo at pagiging masunurin mo.

Kung sumunod kayo sa sinabi ng barangay tanod niyo na lumikas na, bahay niyo lang sana ang kinuha ko at hindi kasama ang buong pamilya mo.

Kung naging handa ka at nanood ng balita at hindi ang inaabangan mong teleserye  ay nakapag-imbak ka siguro ng maraming pagkain at tubig na maiinom.

Kung mabait ka sa kapwa mo, kahit nanonood ka ng teleserye ay sasabihan ka nila at kakatukin sa pagkakatulog para lang mailikas ka.

Ako si Yolanda at ang paborito kong laro ay ang Blame Game.

Si P-Noy ang may kasalanan dahil wala siyang ginawa!

Si Binay ang may kasalanan sa pagkadelay ng relief goods dahil nagpagawa pa ng plastic na may pangalan niya!

Si Mar Roxas ang may kasalanan dahil ambagal niyang kumilos!

Si Korina niloloko tayo sa imbento niyang kuwento!

Si Anderson Cooper gawa-gawa ng kwento!

Si Henares ang dahilan kung bakit nadelay ang tulong ng international community!

Si Napoles ang may kasalanan dahil ang lahat ay abala sa panonood ng trial niya at hindi tuloy nakapaghanda ang iba!

Ito talaga ang paborito kong laro. Ang sarap makita ang karamihan sa inyo na nagbabatuhan ng masasakit at mababahong pananalita. Hindi niyo alam ngayon kung sino ba ang nagsasabi ng totoo. Hindi niyo alam kung sino ang papanigan dahil ang bawat panig ay mukhang totoo ang sinasabi. Ang pangulo niyo ay napapakamot ng puyo niya sa ulo tuwing siya ang ginigisa. Hindi niya alam kung paano itatawid ang mga relief goods papunta sa mga nangangailangan. Kulang ang sasakyang pandagat, panghimpapawirin at panglupa. Pinilay ko kayo sa isang iglap upang ipamukha ang ginagawa ng mga politikong nanalo sa daya at ang mga taong binebenta ang kanilang boto.

Alalahanin ninyo ako at isulat sa libro ng history.

Dahil sa akin, marami ang tulong na dumagsa mula sa iba’t ibang bansa. Dahil sa akin, nakita ninyo kung gaano kahanda tumulong ang mga bansang inyong nakaalitan at nakatampuhan. Tuta ng kano? Magpasalamat kayo sa barko at eroplano nila. Bansa ng mga sakang? Magpasalamat kayo sa medical na tulong nila. Mga Tsekwang hilaw? Magpasalamat kayo sa daang libong dolyar na inabot nila. Mga mababahong arabo? Magpasalamat kayo sa UAE at Saudi na hindi nagdalawang isip sa pagtulong.

Marami kayong dapat ipagpasalamat lalo na kung hindi ko kayo inabot at ligtas ang inyong pamilya at kamag-anak.

Ako ang magiging taga-suri. Ako ang magpapalitaw kung sino ang mga taong may malinis, bukas at malaki ang puso at kamay. Kayo ang humusga kung kapa-imbabawan ang donation ni Kris Aquino, Angel Locsin at NBA Community. Kayo ang humusga kung pakitang tao lang ang tulong ng Vatican, Iglesia ni Cristo, Muslim, UNICEF at Redcross. Kayo na ang humusga kung pasikat lang sina Shoichi Kondoh na bata na taga-Japan, Ginggay Pajaros at Triple-S sa Bambang, si Benjie ng batang mang-inasal sa Butuan City at si Atom Araullo na hinampas at sinampal ko sa kasagsagan ng aking pagdaan.

Ako si Yolanda at dahil sa akin, magkakaisa kayo. Ang kulay ng balat, ang liit ng mata at ang tangos ng ilong ay hindi na ninyo mapapansin. Makikita niyo na kawawa ang inyong bansa dahil hindi pa ninyo kaya kung kayo lang mag-isa. Maaawa kayo sa sarili niyo at magsisikap kayo. Mataas ang pride ng Pinoy. Ang ilan, hindi matanggap ang mamalimos. May utang na loob ang Pinoy. Dekada o siglo mula ngayon, hindi niyo malilimot kung paano kayo tinulungan ng US, Britain, Australia, UNWFP, UNICEF, Japan, Canada, China, Taiwan, ASEAN, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, European Union, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Redcross, World Vision, Mercy Corps, Doctors without Borders, Vatican, Ireland, Vietnam at mga NBA Player.

Alam kong makakabangon kayo. Sa inyo nakadepende ang bilis ng inyong pagtayo. Sa inyong mga mapanuring mga mata at boses na nagkakaisa, sa konsensya ng mga politiko at businessman, sa pagtulong ng international community at higit sa lahat, sa inyong pagmamahal. Pagmamahal sa kapwa, sa paligid, sa kalayaan, sa hustisya at sa inyong Perlas ng Silanganan.



After so many days or weeks (or months?), I decided to post this on my tumblr. As an introvert, I find this extremely accurate. 

Wanting a change in my life. BIG TIME!

Love isn’t practical or rational or sensible or convenient.. in fact it’s often rather disruptive and awkward and if you’re really lucky it turns your world upside down and inside out and gets you into all sorts of trouble, none of which really matters of course, when you’re in love. You know it’s love when it’s at least slightly insane, completely ridiculous, totally inappropriate. It often seems to happen when it’s least expected, when life really doesn’t need any more complications or extra stuff that needs figuring, especially all those feelings of fear and vulnerability that accompany the faster heartbeat and copious blushing. It can cause you to stumble and question all the other aspects of your life that you thought were important, and you may wonder why suddenly all that seemed so clear and gave you direction, starts to feel uncertain and full of elements requiring procrastination. 

Chances are you’ll fall for someone who’s not at all ‘your type’, who doesn’t come close to meeting the criteria you thought was important, and who fails to tick most of those boxes, even if you didn’t realize you had any. Someone who at first didn’t seem like a threat to your sanity, will find a way to your heart when you weren’t paying attention, simply because your defences were down and let you be yourself rather than the persona you think will be more attractive. They will be the reason you are distracted, lose your appetite, can’t wipe the dirty big grin off your face or sleep at night. 

When life throws you this particular curve ball and you’re feeling unsettled and unsure, I want you to know that nothing is certain, except that love is what we’re here for, whether we’re being knocked over by it, or we’re struggling to survive it, or our hearts are bleeding, or we’re hoping, somewhere we’re afraid to admit, that it will happen again. Love can grow and evolve, and as it develops it’s strength lies in its ability to shine in the dark, and brighten up the ordinary. Because love isn’t all roses, or easy, or even logical, but it is the most important thing. The most wonderful thing that will happen to you in your lifetime will be love, in one form or another, be brave, embrace it, take any chance you have for it!